Art, Health & Wellbeing

Over the past fifteen years through my artistic practice I have become aware of the importance art has on health & wellbeing.
My paintings are often my response to subjects which lift my spirits, painting keeps me happy & I hope people will feel the positive energy from my work. Over recent years there has been growing evidence on the impact art can have on health & wellbeing. Through my art workshops I have enjoyed sharing my passion and have observed surprising positive changes in people when engaged in art activities. My core belief is everyone is creative, I have developed and delivered art workshops aiming to support & grow creativity within everyone. I enjoy working with people of all ages many who live with physical & mental health difficulties & are at risk of social isolation. I hope to improve peoples' lives through art & open up a new world of creative possibilities. These workshops have been delivered for my own art groups & for organisations; Air Arts at Royal Derby Hospital, Artcore, Derbyshire Early Years Improvement Service, Ripley Cluster of Schools, Melbourne festival, Weston on Trent Primary School & Creative Carers.  Here are a few examples:

Painting Pools

 Through this workshop I share my passion for painting water & stones & the feeling of calm it gives me. I bring my paintings and stone collection to this session along with natural treasures through the seasons; spring blossom, summer flowers, autumn leaves, seeds & frozen pools in winter. Participants are encouraged to enjoy this visual feast then to draw & paint what they see or feel allowing freedom & flexibility to create their individual ideas in an expressive or representational way.  We also take a look at artists who have been inspired by this subject. This session originally was developed when  working with patients on the Nightingale Macmillan Unit at Royal Derby Hospital & has been delivered  numerous times adapted through the seasons for group sessions and bedside activities. Since then I have delivered Painting Pools sessions within my own art groups & for Melbourne Festival, Artcore's Creative Living sessions & Creative Carers.

The Seven Chakras

Since painting my collection of Chakra paintings I have developed and delivered  painting sessions for Air Arts on the Nightingale Macmillan unit at Royal Derby Hospital & at Artcore's Creative Living for the over 55s. I take my paintings to the sessions sharing my new painting process with the participants. I then encouraged participants to play with mixing different tones & shades of their colour of choice  then moved on to paint their own canvases. 

Creative Living – Celebrating Age

For over two years I have been delivering the art sessions for Artcore's Creative Living project . The project aims to support older people in Derby to live rich and fulfilling lives within their communities through creative engagement to enjoy improved health, well being & quality of life. The project aimed to enhance the talent, experience & enthusiasm of over 55s in the creative arts by delivering visual arts & dance workshops by Artcore and Deda in various community venues in Derby starting from October 2017 to February 2020.  

 I delivered the weekly art sessions in six different settings within Derby, four within sheltered housing. The aim was to bring people together, reduce social isolation through art leaving an established group which would be self sustaining. Each week I planned a different theme bringing in objects of interest to encourage discussions and new artistic explorations. Over the period I introduced a variety of mediums and techniques for everyone to experiment with. Each participant was given a sketchbook in which to gather images of interest & practice drawing in the session and at home. 

Many participants had not done any drawing or painting since their school days, so sometimes it took a lot of encouragement to have a go. It was delightful to see how their confidence grew & how they developed their artistic skills over the time; It was wonderful to see the excitement when their work was exhibited at the end of the sessions.

Creative Workshop Feedback

"Thank you so much for opening up the world of art to us. None of us felt we had any talent when we arrived at the first session. I looked at the variety of beautiful work that we have produced between us over the past few months & was overwhelmed"
"A wonderful day-so much needed. I was so excited when I saw all the materials-I wish I could do it everyday! I felt a sense of peace & restoration I have not felt in quite a while."

"I'd forgotten I smoke, I was so focused on this & I forgot all about it!"

"It has been a fantastic day. It has reminded me of how much I  enjoy art & exploring my creative side. I hope to continue it as you have suggested."

"The session was brilliantly delivered by Victoria you were very inspirational Thank you very much!

"Empowering the creative thank you!"

"Inspiring to have the time to "be" & revisit the wells that need refreshing, thank you for creating such a memorable & valuable day I can see the difference it has made to the staff & certainly to me"

"Wonderful session, very de-stressing, I find Victoria very approachable & caring."

"Its amazing what I can do when I put my mind to it!"

"Painting is very therapeutic."

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