Book Illustration

The Little Goldfish

My interest in children's illustrated storybooks commenced when enjoying stories in childhood then continuing when I became a mother to three children & through a career in teaching. Good friend & writer Vicki Cassidy wrote a story about a little goldfish & read it to me over the phone. I immediately sketched the image which came to mind & this was the start of our exciting journey in book publishing. Together we went through the process of writing, illustrating, hand binding & creating books. We set up 'Love Heart Publishing' to launch the stories into the world. The books are; 'The Little Goldfish' & 'Tiny Ant' both limited editions produced in hardback. We later then produced 'The Little Goldfish' in paperback too.

Fin the little Goldfish, wants to discover real friendship. Will he need to lose himself to find it? A story of the soul for 7 years & beyond.

A delightfully touching story about the journey of self acceptance.

"This stunning little book is a real treat for any  family"
Koi Magazine" 

"Charmingly written by Yates, exquisitely illustrated by  Brown"
Nottingham Evening Post

Our Books

Our collection of stories are fables, all illuminating the importance of inner worth, for any age & culture. The message of love is organically reflected in the books' physical essence. Our hand bound books are created using bonded leather & high quality Italian end papers. The books are hand finished with a ceramic heart, Swarovski crystal & gilded with metal or gold leaf. Each individual book is numbered & signed by us then carefully hand wrapped in brown paper, tied with ribbon & wax sealed. A paper back version of The Little Goldfish is also available, please see link below if you wish to purchase a book.

Tiny Ant

Story by Victoria Cassidy, Illustrations by Victoria Brown.
Tiny Ant's growing yearning for change, launches her on a journey of adventure & self discovery. Can she survive alone, so far from the Queen's nest? A story of the soul for 5 year olds & beyond.
An enduring companion built to last.

My Illustrations were inspired by the beautiful setting of the National Trust's Trebah Gardens, a sub-tropical paradise in Cornwall. I loved meandering through the lush foliage, so the ant's journey takes her through the gardens, down to the shores of the river Helford & beyond! From photos & sketches made during a visit with my family I produced a few initial illustrations; Vicki then developed the character & story & we once again embarked upon the creative process crafting story & illustrations. We worked through the publishing process releasing our second hand bound book 'Tiny Ant'  in white bonded leather. 

To see my water paintings which informed these illustrations please visit my gallery page on link below: