Legacy of Lace

Legacy of Lace Arts Project

Artist Residencies & Events in 2021


Legacy of Lace Arts Project 
Celebrating the Nottingham Lace Making Industry in Erewash, Derbyshire, England.

Like the intricate patterns in lace, a community’s shared history is complex and fascinating.  Lace has had a huge influence in Erewash’s past and continues to play an important role, with leading names in the design and manufacture of lace  keeping Erewash firmly on the global lace map!  While neighbouring Nottingham’s involvement in the lace trade is more widely known, not everyone is aware of Erewash’s wonderful legacy of making Nottingham Lace but it’s something we really want to get people talking about – initiating conversations between generations before some of the personal stories behind the patterns are lost.  Through art and creativity we can encourage people of all ages to explore, talk about & enjoy this captivating subject: lace may be delicate but it’s nonetheless a strong cornerstone of our local heritage. The project has been made possible thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Foundation Derbyshire, Erewash Borough Council & a Crowd funder campaign for which we are incredibly grateful.  Additionally, the support of project partners; Erewash Museum, Long Eaton Art Room and Crafting Relationships has been vital .

 Over 11 years ago, I ran a successful arts research project called ‘Losing Lace’ which generated a lot of interest and allowed me to discover a great deal about the history and importance of the lace industry in our area.  Initially this was driven by my personal, family connections – starting with my Great Grandfather Thomas Stocks and finishing with my father Barry Stocks who later became director of Birkins – but I soon realised how much there was to learn about the lace trade in Erewash. This time I wished to involve more artists & people living in these communities & beyond! 
My Legacy of Lace arts project  launched in February 2021 aimed to celebrate the heritage of Nottingham lace within the towns & villages in Erewash, Derbyshire exploring the area’s shared history through art and creativity within the community. While Nottingham lace is well-known around the world, many people aren’t aware of the part Erewash played – and continues to play – in the industry. Lace has helped to shape everything from the Erewash architectural landscape to the lives of its residents. Thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Foundation Derbyshire & Erewash Borough Council the community were encouraged to get involved in creative events & sharing their stories with five resident artists who started working from Erewash Museum’s lace collections in May 2021; Louise West, Kerri Pratt, Kim Fowler,  Hannah Millard & lead artist Victoria Brown who aimed to bring the Legacy of Lace to life through their work at The Erewash Museum & Long Eaton Art Room. From painting expanded lace patterns to bobbin lace design, photography, illustration and abstract architectural paintings they created new work inspired by the lace roots of this region. The Legacy of Lace summer exhibition in the Lally Gallery at Erewash Museum commenced with a tea party in the museum gardens and over 3000 people visited the exhibition, for some it was their first trip out in almost two years!

Legacy of Lace Resident Artists

The artists were supported  by project partners, Erewash Museum, starting with exploring the Museum's lace collections.

Louise West

My artist’s practice centres on bobbin lacemaking and using traditional techniques for teaching and contemporary designs to develop work beyond the boundaries of tradition. I have been making bobbin lace for almost 30 years and find the history and traditions captivating and intriguing.

Kerri Pratt

 Kerri is an award winning fine artist living and working in the East Midlands. She creates original acrylic paintings responding to encounters with man-made

Hannah Millard

Hannah is an award winning photographer and filmmaker- Camera Hannah  Based just outside Derby, Derbyshire in the Midlands of England.

Kim Fowler

Kim Fowler is a traditional style illustrator and artist who creates highly detailed drawings inspired by fairy tales, mythology, historical figures and the Art Nouveau period. Working both traditionally in pen and digitally she creates pieces of art steeped in esoteric themes, inviting the viewer to escape reality (for a while) and to delve into her imaginative imagery.

Victoria Brown

Victoria is an artist based in Derbyshire UK, primarily she is a painter working with oil paints & acrylics sometimes applying lace or gold leaf  to create an ethereal glow. These painting techniques have their roots in the beautiful Nottingham lace her family once manufactured.

Legacy of Lace Events 2021

Legacy of Lace Talk Wednesday 19th May 2pm on Zoom with artist Victoria Brown. 

Please contact Victoria to book a place.

The Artist Residencies start 25th May, Erewash Museum. Five artists creating new artwork in response to Erewash's lace Heritage.  

Legacy of Lace Talk Face to Face- Mon 14th June 2pm Long Eaton Art Room -

Booking Essential please contact Victoria to book a place.

'The Lace Workshop' Pop up event  at Long Eaton Art Room Sat 26th June 10-4pm Artists workshops throughout the day. Booking Essential please contact Victoria to book a place.

The Lace Workshop' Pop up event at Erewash Museum, Sat 17th July Artists workshops throughout the day. Booking Essential please contact Victoria.

Legacy of Lace Exhibition -The artists will be exhibiting their new lace inspired art work created during their residencies in the  Lally Gallery, Erewash Museum, 5th August-27th August 2021

Please contact the Museum for opening details.

The Lace Workshop 

Join us in the Lace Workshop by following @Legacy of Lace online on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where we will be sharing pictures of lace artefacts, artist videos, artwork, interviews, stories &  creative activities, throughout the project.
 Please share your lace art/craft ideas & stories too!