Exhibition- Illuminate Royal Derby Hospital

My previous blogs have documented the process of my painting project for the 'Illuminate' exhibition at Royal Derby Hospital. I painted a triptych on yoga mats titled 'Holding Onto the Light' inspired by my lockdown sketchbooks. The paintings document the unfurling spring on our farm, it seemed so intensely beautiful & uplifting this year providing moments of joy during stressful times. Through this work I wanted to show my gratitude to the hospital staff by sharing the  beauty of the natural world;  flowers, animals, positive imagery & human connections from this challenging time.

Illuminate: A Place for Rejuvenation
December 2020 Royal Derby Hospital

The works displayed have been created in response to the idea of Illumination in its many forms. A moment to shine a light on people, places and the human spirit. In these uncertain times, art and creativity has helped people make sense of the world. Colours and gratitude have been in abundance the past few months and we wanted this to continue throughout the walls of the hospitals. Re-energising the space, both in reality and the virtual world, ultimately sharing appreciation to all who work within them.

 The exhibition can now be viewed through an interactive 3D Virtual Exhibition Archive: