Holding Onto the Light

Currently I'm painting a Triptych on yoga mats titled ‘Holding Onto the Light' for Illuminate an exhibition organised by Air Arts at Royal Derby Hospital, the brief is to create uplifting artworks full of positivity, hope, gratitude & reflective of the lock down period. 

 The intensity and darkness of the pandemic seemed to illuminate the beauty of spring more than usual, the gifts from nature helped lift our spirits every day. We live on a farm on the outskirts of Derby where we were shielding our daughter, so this place became a sanctuary where we were fortunate to have direct access to the natural world. I aim to sample imagery of my experiences including the things which gave me brief moments of joy & lifted my spirits. I used my sketchbook more than usual gathering sketches & photos, first arrived; the quince blossom then cherry blossom, green gage blossom, moorhens & chicks, bluebells, geese, fresh leaves, a pair of hungry ducks, lilac blossom, hares, hawthorn blossom, linseed shoots, sunrise/sunsets, deer, peonies, rhododendrons, the first swallow, roses and the rambling rector. The only visitors were wildlife, the postman, delivery drivers & a drive past from my niece in her balloon festooned car on my daughter's birthday! 

 I would also like to include connections made online; emotional video calls to my Dad & son, also imagery/symbols from the outside which I observed driving through communities on regular doorstep food drops to my Mum which were heartbreaking; rainbows, NHS gratitude, love, VE Day & hearts. I have chosen to  paint on black yoga mats instead of canvases as my yogic practice (Adrienne on You Tube!) helped keep me centred & strong during this terrifying period. Initially I sampled my sketches & photos onto mini yoga mats & now I have started the main paintings, I'm enjoying the challenge painting on such a textured surface!

 I hope people will feel a positive connection to these paintings, I'll keep you updated with my progress!