India Roots & Layers


Triptych painted on three yoga mats with acrylic paints and finished with embellishments.The lotus flower is the national flower of India it symbolises; spirituality, fruitfulness, wealth, knowledge & illumination. I have painted it at the centre of the yoga mats surrounded by sampled imagery from India collected during my artist residency at Artcore UK, Lakshmi the Hindu goddess sits near the centre upon a lotus flower next to her white owl. For the past 12 years since recovering from a back operation I have been regularly practising yoga, during the residency I became aware of it’s origins in India 5000 years ago during the residency and decided to experiment painting on the yoga mat instead of my usual canvas surface.

Each yoga mat is 61cm wide x 173 cm high fully extended.
Intended to be hung from rails which are supplied. 
Artwork covers approx 122cm -130cm bottom to top. The rest of the mat is intended to be rolled around the rail.